For more women in digitalization

Digitalization continues to change our lives at an unprecedented pace. For Germany to be successful tomorrow, we need everyone’s innovative power and courage today. We can do better. We can do more. More women in digitalization - from classrooms to business to politics.

#SheTransformsIT. IT starts here.


Women in digitalization

Our society is currently in the middle of digital transformation. When developing and implementing such transformative strategies, women must have a seat at the decision-making table. We need to combine their creativity and use their perspectives to develop new technologies for a diverse society. When it comes to digitalization in Germany, we are simply not using half the potential available. Currently, Germany has one of the lowest percentages of women in the IT- Industry, at a staggering 17%. In order for digitalization to advance in an innovative and comprehensive manner, we need more diversity; specifically, we need more women.

Women shape digitalization

Whether it is software development, IT security, STEM subjects, artificial intelligence or data analysis - digitalization needs significantly more careers and opportunities for girls and women in all areas. Change begins with new role models for girls in daycare, at school and while pursuing vocational training. Transformation is evident in gender stereotype-free media, as well as in the courses offered by universities. Transformation means that corporate culture sees diversity as a pre-condition for success. Politics can provide the framework for this, but we as a society must drive the transformation.

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We are #SheTransformsIT

In order to strengthen the role of women in digital transformation, we founded the #SheTransformsIT alliance within the framework of the German government's digital summit in 2020. In the campaign’s kick-off video from fall 2020, you will meet our first female signatories and hear what inspired them and why they chose to get involved.