FRIDA - "Women in the digital world of work"

Social media campaign on job profiles

Women in the public eye and overcoming stereotypes

We call for more visible digital role models, because young people are shaped by role models. This can only be achieved by increasing the portrayal of digital women in the media. But broad communication about occupational fields, job requirements and opportunities, and career options is also necessary so that young girls and women decide in favor of digital apprenticeships, courses of study, and professions. More advice on STEM and digital professions, which is what many girls lack at school. For too many schoolgirls, a career in the #tech sector is still seen as an exception rather than an alternative.

"57% of all female students would have liked more advice at school on prospects and career opportunities with STEM subjects.

Women in Tech Report
PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH, 2018

Social media campaign with real insights into the digital economy

The aim of the project is to provide real and authentic insights into the everyday working life and personal careers of women in digitalization. Girls and young women should be able to form their own picture of job profiles and daily tasks on the job. To this end, we accompany women from very different areas of the digital economy and show insights into their projects, tasks and daily routines - in short videos and posts for social media. The aim is to put together a group that is as heterogeneous as possible, with different educational backgrounds, in different positions, age groups and regions of Germany.

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FRIDA - "Women in the digital world of work"

Social media campaign on job profiles

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