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Getting girls excited about IT and promoting digital skills at an early age

... that is not only fun, but also makes the difference for our future. Gender stereotypes must be broken down and female digital role models made visible. We must strengthen computer science as a school subject, teachers must be sensitized to gender stereotypes, and be digitally competent. Currently, computer science is a compulsory subject in all grades from class 5 onward in only one German state - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In more and more states, however, computer science is becoming a mandatory part of the curriculum. For this, we need teachers who can not only teach the subject matter, but also have fun with it. Realistically, this need cannot be met with the current student teachers. Career changers and pivoters can fill part of the gap, because women are often looking for alternatives in the IT sector. However, the paths for lateral entry into the teaching profession vary from state to state and are often difficult to find. This is exactly where our project comes in.

When it comes to role models in technology, only 11% of students can name women - Angela Merkel is the only living woman.

Women in Tech Report
PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH, 2018.

"Become a computer science teacher!" highlights opportunities and entry points for female career changers

The aim of our study is to transparently present the paths as a career pivoter and to publish exemplary paths and biographies with which women can identify and better assess their opportunities and competencies. The study is to present the requirements for suitable degrees and to refer to counseling possibilities and, if necessary, further qualification offers in the federal states. At the end, the results of the study and research are to be compiled on a central and clearly arranged website. Any woman looking for information on lateral entry as a computer science teacher should be able to find it easily here.

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FRIDA - "Women in the digital world of work"

Social media campaign on job profiles

FRIDA - "Women in the digital world of work"

Social media campaign on job profiles