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How do women get involved with digital issues? What are the opportunities and barriers? What can we learn from others?

We want to get to the bottom of these and many other questions. We are convinced that our projects are successful and sustainable when we have a scientific basis for our work. In one of our first projects, we are striving to get an overview: How do women come into contact with the digital and technological world? What opportunities and possibilities are there to promote and develop them? What obstacles and challenges do they face?

Using research results and discovering research gaps

There are already answers to many of these questions and initial explanations in research. We want to look at what we already know and where we need to continue building knowledge. Because this is the only way we can find the right levers to bring more women into digitalization. A look at the economy shows: Women (still) seldomly apply for digital jobs. To enable women in all walks of life to develop into digital experts and gain a foothold in the tech industry, we need better lateral entry. In order to be successful, we need a solid understanding of how to design and implement a strategy that will be quantifiable.

Only one in seven applications (15%) for a job as an IT specialist comes from a woman.

Lateral entry into IT - You'll learn the rest. Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2019

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FRIDA - "Women in the digital world of work"

Social media campaign on job profiles

FRIDA - "Women in the digital world of work"

Social media campaign on job profiles